SuperCell: HayDay

I produced marketing art for SuperCell's Hay Day.

Big Fish: Gummy Drop

My team and I created concepts for Big Fish's Gummy Drop.  I produced the marketing images.

My initial concept sketch

Final Art created by the Concept Art House art team.

DeNA: Monster Builder

Venture Beat just did an article on a game I produced for DeNA, Monster Builder!

I worked with the artists at Concept Art House to design all the monsters and the female assistant.

I created keyframes for character animations and gave the finishing touches to all the final vector art.


Aristocrat: Batgirl 66

I produced animations for the new Aristocrat Batgirl 66 slot machine in Las Vegas! Here is the test model they unveiled at E3.

Batman is Wild Storyboard

Batman Wild from Timothy Larson on Vimeo.

I storyboarded and produced the all of the symbol animations in the game.

The final animations were created by the animators at Concept Art House.

Originator Learning App

I storyboarded animations for the Originator Learning App.

Big Fish: Dungeon Boss storyboards

I create these storyboards for a Dungeon Boss TV commercial.

Rovio: Angry Birds Stella Pop

The latest Angry Bird game I worked on has been released!

Press Play
Angry Birds Pop-HD 2_1 from Timothy Larson on Vimeo.

I created all of the animations of the main character, Stella and key frames for animating all the other characters.

It was a lot of work, but the game turned out looking great!

Tiny Co: Family Guy

I animated Meg for a Family Guy mobile game test.

Originator Learning App

I storyboarded the animation for Originator's Endless Wordplay Learning App. 
I also worked on the animations.

Digital Art

The Fisherman's House

One of the three wheel cars that cruise around Beijing.

I drew this with a marker on an envelope that I sent to a friend.  I decided to turn it into a painting adding color digitally.

Vector Art

I created the wig, purse and dress using vector lines.  The character was provided for me as well as the photos I used for reference.